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Step 5: Solo Travel with a Toddler

Traveling alone does bring some new challenges. I seem to leave my ID in security nearly every time but we never miss a flight regardless of how haphazardly we roll through security and the airport. Being organized is by far the most important step of any travel, but when you're alone you don't have any one to lean on. Our first solo flight was to Florida in the Fall. Other than a few hiccups of a total meltdown while waiting to board the plane and almost losing a phone- we were actually pretty efficient. Traveling with a baby is usually pretty easy because they fall asleep on the plane. As long as you can oogle at them and remember to give a bottle during take off and landing, you are all set. A toddler is a whole other thing. We have flown a lot with Billy but every flight seems to be different due to his needs. As they grow up keeping them entertained is key. That and lots of snacks.  After making it through security and off to our gate I made sure to identify other