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It's probably safe to say I have no idea how to fly on an airplane anymore since it has been over a year. While I am typically not a germaphobe, and have never been afraid to fly, right now all I can think about is my children licking the seat, constantly asking for snacks, and touching their faces the entire flight. We will not be traveling by air until this mess is over. We will however be driving the distance of 6 and a half flights to Oakland this Spring when we drive to Northern California with our kids. 

Now, I have been all over the world, and was taking my kids on trips every couple of months in pre COVID times, but I have never driven a long distance with them. The furthest we have gone is to my parents house in Steamboat which is about a 3 hour drive. As a child my parents would throw us in the back of our VW camper and drive half way down the Baja to Mulege Mexico every Fall so I do know it is possible for kids to do this comfortably. My question is can MY kids? 

When I was a kid we never flew anywhere. Need to see grandparents in Ohio and California? Drive. Want to attend College in Vermont? Drive. Visiting friends in Northern Michigan? Drive. I have been on so many great road trips in my life and there was a time that the drive to San Diego from Steamboat was not that far for me at 15 hours of driving, alone. COVID is forcing me to get back to my roots and take my kids along for the ride. I will update this blog with any tips and tricks I find along the way. Wish us luck! 


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